Tuesday, 22 February 2011

ibibo Ads - Make money from relevant ads on your website!

ibibo Ads . Make money from relevant ads on your website!

ibibo Ads Affiliate marketing is a performance-based business channel. The advertisers only pay commissions to publishers when a consumer takes a desired action such as a sale or lead. We work closely with our publishers and ensure extensive reach and best deliveries for our clients and publisher partners. Our advanced affiliate platform provides constant program reporting and analysis and an ever-dependable account management team.


Drive buying customers to your website, boost sales, leads and traffic by promoting your product on the ibibo Ads Affiliate Network. Define your objectives and then leave the rest to us. We deliver within your budgets.Your days of worrying about acquisition costs and lead costs overshooting the budget are over. Sit back and let us do the worrying!


Maximize your revenue opportunities by developing sustainable relationships with top-tier advertisers. Get paid for every sale and lead you generate. We let you choose the campaigns you want to run .Our well trained professionals help you earn payouts better than industry standards and ensure that you get the maximum return for your ad inventory. Join for free and start converting your website traffic into earnings.

Visit http://ads.ibibo.com/info



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