Monday, 21 February 2011

RSSinclude - Embed RSS Feed in Website, RSS Feed Widget PHP

Convert RSS to HTML, RSS to PHP and RSS to Javascript.

Embed Fresh RSS Feed Content on Your Website!

With you can publish news feeds on your website quickly and easily!

Convert RSS to PHP

Convert RSS to HTML

Convert RSS to Javascript

The next reasonable thing for you to do might be to create a new RSSbox. Just click the link below. Style the appearance of the news feed just as you want and copy & paste a simple piece of HTML/Javascript or PHP to integrate a brand-new, automatically updated RSS Feed Widget into your website. Fresh content guaranteed.

RSS Widget For Your Website

Basically, an RSSbox is a rectangular area on your website or blog displaying text and images from RSS feeds. When creating a new RSSbox you decide on which type of layout and which RSS feeds to use. Convert RSS to HTML, convert RSS to Javascript and convert RSS to PHP.




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