Wednesday, 27 July 2011

SMS - Monitoring System

A SMS based monitoring system was introduced in 2009 by the Government of Bihar to track the status of 10 development schemes. The system has helped in promoting accountability and checking official laxity.

Bihar government has demonstrated quality monitoring of development goals at the base level and upwards through m-technology known as the SMS based monitoring system. The government functionaries are daily updated on the status of the development programmes implemented at the block level and moreover, it has also triggered a paradigm shift in their accountability towards the programmes. It has checked official lethargy; thus improving and enhancing the performance of government functionaries.

The technology used is reputed for being a financially and environmentally sustainable model. The texts in the form of reports sent on a daily basis acts as a feedback for the departments and pave the way to take appropriate actions at a policy level. It has the potential of highlighting good and bad performances of the developmental programmes across 534 blocks in the state.

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