Sunday, 31 July 2011

Vasudha Kendras (CSC)

The Government of India has launched the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) for delivering e-Government services at the doorsteps of the rural citizens of India.  The front-end interface of the NeGP with the rural citizens is the Common Services Centers (CSC) through which the Government Services along with other value added services would be delivered to the citizens. The aim of the Scheme is not merely to roll out IT infrastructure but to build a network of 100,000+ rural businesses across India.

The Government of Bihar in its Endeavour to improve the quality of governance in the State, has involved public/ private enterprises to participate in the CSC scheme as Service Centre Agencies (SCAs) for establishing and operating 8463 CSCs in rural areas of Bihar. In Bihar the scheme has been christened as Vasudha Kendras. These Vasudha Kendras would offer a multitude of services ranging in the areas of e-Government, education, health, agriculture, commercial, retail, etc. It is to be noted that delivery of Government services would be mandatory for the Vasudha Kendras.

To implement the Vasudha Kendras three Service Center Agencies (SCA) namely SREI Sahaj, Zoom Connect and SARK Systems has been selected. These SCAs will select the Village Level Entreprenuers (VLE), will provide them the requisite hardware, will train them and will ensure the delivery of various Business to Citizen Services. As soon as the back-end computerization of Government department is completed Government to Citizen centric services will be launched through these Vasudha Kendras in phases. At present around 4500 Vasudha Kendras are up and running in all the 38 districts of the State of Bihar.

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  1. vasudha ke lea sarkar ne vaada to bahut keya hai...par laagu is panchvrseye me hoga ye agle ka intzar karna hoga.....?