Monday, 18 July 2011

What is SAP ?

SAP originated from Germany (thus makes all of core database name in German), build by 2 ex-IBM programmer.


What is SAP ?

An integrated business solution software which take care of your business just by using one software. need not for other system. It covers material management (procurement, purchasing, warehouse, contract etc), HR (payroll, remunation, staff information etc), Finance (FI Module (AP, AR, cost centre, inter company billing (specifically for big corporation), budget, treasury, taxation etc), Sales and Distribution and Production Planning.


Who use it ?

As integrated business solution, SAP are absolutely expensive due to integrated nature it have but big player in industry, an integrated system that could save lots of their money absolutely a good solution. Among notorious users of SAP are Shell, PetroBras, Exxon (they still using SAP R/2). SAP even specialized some of their system architect into Oil and Gas business nature which heavily use SAP for both upstream and downstream.


If SAP is a software, what type of language use to write it ?

SAP use ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) which can be classified as 4th Generation Programming Language (that means this programming language are more English like like Java and HTML). ABAP is learnable but with quite expensive cost but you could obtain information regarding ABAP course from your local university. As for in Malaysia, you could learn SAP quite cheap at Multimedia University and University Technology of PETRONAS which offer ABAP course at affordable price. (of course you need to enroll to be a student there to able you to take the course).


What so special about SAP ?

Beside it's integrated nature, SAP eliminated the cost for running different application at various servers which also need to consider the fact of data conversation from one application to another application. SAP is on shelf application (ready made with basic features) but for most company, they usually consider for tailoring/configuring the application to suit their business needs.


What so NOT special about SAP ?

1) Cost; a things that stop small corporation from acquiring SAP.

2) SAP is server based application which mean, when connection is down, no work could be done. Organisation with severe network problem are not advised to use SAP.

3) Unfriendly user interface. Without no doubt, SAP is among the best integrated business solution but the interface really give headache to user. we called it "SAP-face syndrome" which always frustrated users.


Good career in SAP ?

Of course there are lots of good careers in SAP. You could choose either to be:

1) BASIS (involving network, configuration of hardware),

2) SAP Module - FUNCTIONAL (SAP module configuration - MM, FI, HR, SD, PP),

3) ABAPer (ABAP programmer)



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