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How to improve your blogging skill?

How to improve your blogging skill?

1. Read regularly

The best way to improve your blogging and your article is to read regularly.

  • Do not read old-fashioned books. Read modern books of science fiction,  detective stories, romances, books with a historical theme, adventure, etc. Reading of newspapers and standard magazines is also of great help.
  • Regular reading builds up your vocabulary, and helps you to master useful sentence patterns, verb forms, prepositions, articles etc.
  • Set yourself a daily target and then keep to it. Try to read five to twenty pages every day.
  • Do not expect a sudden improvenment within a week. After two or three months, your English  will definitely improve.

Chose a right topic

  • Chose a topic which gives you the opportunity to write a complete and interesting article This presupposes that you chose a subject you know about. To write an effective article you must have in your mind some background knowledge, facts, opinions and relevant details on the subject. During your general reading, you would have spent many hours studying other people's ideas, experiences and opinions. Much of what you have read or experienced in real life might have delighted you or disturbed you; but all of it would have enriched your experience.
  • Chose a subject which interests you: Although writing a article is not a test in creative writing of a high standard, you will nevertheless succeed better only if your material is correct, lively and interesting. The best writing comes from first-hand experience moulded by imagination. So you must ask yourself which topic has a particular interest for you. Your interest will make you involved in the subject you chose.
  • Chose a topic on which you think you have enough matter to write: Take care that you do not run our of ideas while writing the story.
  • Chose a topic on which you can write easily: In order to write convincingly you must have some knowledge of the subject concerned. For example, you cannot write about a sea voyage if you have not seen a ship or been near the sea or read adequately about it.
  • Chose a topic one which you can give personal details: If you are writing from some angle of your personal experience, your composition would be more original; besides, it is likely to be more lively than if you are wholly inventing it.
  • Chose a topic in which you can show originality: You are required to write an original article in your own words keeping in mind the particular aspect or the wording of the question. You cannot use memorized material. Most of the memorized matter is likely to be irrelevant or lack originality.

Be courteous to your reader

Your reader will be any age group, who may be a man or woman. So remember the below points

  • Be polite in your language
  • Do not write about England unless you have spent some time there. The impression obtained by reading books by Dickens or Jane Austen is now quite irrelevant.
  • Do not express strong political views. Your aim is to impress your reader no to convert the reader to your political party.
  • Avoid excessive criticism of people.
  • Impolite remarks on parents are unwise.

Memorized material

Write all that you know about the topic. Presenting memorized material or artificially trying to fit the material into the requirements of the topic will be detected by your reader. Such material does not merit credit worth-mentioning. Writing such material is, therefore, a waste of your precious time.

Avoid dogmatic and exaggerated statements

  • Reasonable statement: It is very cold in New Delhi during winter.
  • Dogmatic statement: It is bitterly cold in New Delhi.
  • Reasonable statement: Some taxi-drivers are rude and arrogant.
  • Dogmatic statement: Taxi-drivers are rude and arrogant.</i%



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