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Guidelines for offering courses on FlexiLearn


September 09, 2011


IGNOU with the approval of the Academic Council initiated the FlexiLearn Portal for free and easy access to open courses of the Indira Gandhi National Open University. The FlexiLearn platform ( was launched by Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil, Hon'ble President of India on November 19, 2009. At present more than 800 courses in various disciplines are available on the platform. The courses are offered as open courses wherein, anyone can register free of cost to access online courses. With approval of the Competent Authority these courses are now being opened up for certification on payment of requisite fees. To earn a degree or diploma, the learner will however, have to fulfill minimum eligibility requirements and complete the programme as per laid down norms (minimum duration and evaluation requirements for successful completion of the programme).  Special application has to be made by the applicant for consideration of awarding degree/ diploma.
Guidelines for offering courses on FlexiLearn are as follows:

·         Unique identification number shall be generated once a learner registers for a particular course for the first time. This identification number shall be used for future registration of other courses. This ID will be used for user tracking to keep record of all course registration and completion of courses.

·         For individual course certification, there shall be no pre-requisites for registration or restriction on duration of completion of any particular course or limits on the number of courses to be taken up simultaneously. However, for Programme certification candidates will have to fulfill basic requirements for programme registration.

·         The courses will completely run on self learning mode and no counselling support will be provided. The learners may use social networking tools available on the FlexiLearn platform for peer to peer interaction for community based learning.

·         Recorded class lectures, live teleconference sessions and web based live lectures will be provided through webcasting facility.

·         For course certification candidates will have to apply online on the FlexiLearn platform by paying requisite course fees. Candidates registering for certification of courses through FlexiLearn will be enrolled as 'Associate Students' and enrolment number will be provided accordingly.   Registrar (SRD) shall be validating all FlexiLearn registrations for evaluation purposes.

·         Wherever there are requirements for practical component, the learners shall have to undergo the same in the identified Study Centres/ Practical Labs on payment of requisite fees. Regional Centres will assign appropriate Study Centres to the candidates for courses requiring practicals.

·         All assignments will be made available on FlexiLearn. Registered candidates are required to submit their assigments in the nearest Regional Center. The Regional Directors of Regional Centers are authorised to get assignments evaluated through panel of evaluators/ counsellors available with  them and forward the grades to SED.

·         For programmes requiring Project submission, procedures as per University norms are to be followed.

·         For term end examination, online registration will be made by the learners on the FlexiLearn  platform. The examination facility shall be integrated with the mainstream students. Examination fee shall be collected with the registration fee for the first attempt. For subsequent attempts exam fees have to be paid as per University norms.

·         On-demand examination facility for available courses shall be made available on FlexiLearn as well.

·         SED will provide Course wise certificates on successful completion of the courses.

·         Registered students if interested, may combine course credits to obtain Degree/ Diploma. For this however, the candidates will have to fulfill basic requirements of programme registration, minimum programme duration and evaluation requirements for successful completion of the programme. On matching the learner's track record on FlexiLearn and validation by SED, the results will be declared as per the norms of the University.





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