Monday, 14 November 2011

Do you know which font is best suitable for your website or Blog?

Do you know which font is best suitable for your website or Blog?

Selecting a good font for the website or Blog has its own importance which can be expressed in monetary terms. So we should be very careful while selecting a font for our website or Blog. Thinks to remember while selecting a font:-

 The Headline font should be always larger than the body font but its shouldn't be too larger.

Don't  unnecessarily use many type of fonts in a documents, website or Blog. It looks very untidy and unprofessional.

 It is good to use  Verdana font in a website or Blog. It is also good to use a serif font for body text and a sans serif font for headings.

 Heading text having a contrast color makes the document more effective.

 It is not advisable to highly decorative font in the body text of the website or web Blog.

 It's good to use the black color for the body text of the website.

 Either use all caps character for headlines, or make the font face bold. If using all caps, use a sans serif font or Verdana

  Make sure the character spacing or Kerning is adjusted properly

 Maintain uniformity of font and font color in the website or website Blog to give it a more professional look.

Note: You may not get an extra traffic for using a good font but your traffic can be adversely affect because of a bad font.



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