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Nalanda Teacher Training College

Nalanda Teacher's Training College , is one of the most reputed B.Ed ( Teacher Training ) college in Nalanda , Bihar, India. The college started in 2006, was one of the first private sector initiatives in vocationals education in Bihar State .

Popularly known as "Nalanda TTC ", it is located at the Deep Nagar on Bihar Sharif - Rajgir road .

Nalanda Teacher's Training College (Nalanda TTC ) is the new age torchbearer of quality and innovative education in Bihar. With the aid of imponderably visionary , Nalanda TTC has brought in fresh educational trends in the country. Nalanda TTC was established with a vision of providing quality education that leads towards professional success.

Nalanda TTC has been successful in providing educational programs that enable students to get a significant head start in the profession they choose. All the programs are updated to the latest industry needs of both India and abroad. Nalanda TTC cater to students requirements with Professional ( B.Ed ) Degree programs.

Nalanda TTC's extensive library has a variety of books, journals, videos and electronic resources for course work and general interest. Hostel facility is also available .

Nalanda TTc is committed to deliver quality education with balanced approach to theoretical and experimental learning. The learning experience at the campus equips the graduates with an ability to cope effectively with the demands and challenges of a continuously changing world of business and industry. 

The B.Ed. course curriculum is based on guidelines of Madadh University, Bodhgaya. It   consists of both theory and practical courses to cater and develop knowledge., skill and   attitude in practicing teachers and freshers, Illustrations and cases of relevant situations   and activities comprises the core of each courses. The core subject is suitably supported   by theoretical aspects to the extend needed.
  The programme consists of eight papers of 100 Marks each. Out of eight papers there will   be seven theoretical and one practice teaching papers. The syllabus may be   modified/revised as per the NCTE / University rules.
 Course Contents
The Programme is essentially a mix of theory and practical courses to develop knowledge, skills and attitude in practicing teachers illustration and cases of relevent situations and activities comprise the core of each paper. The core subjects sis suitably supported by theoretical aspects to the extend needed. Thus the programme consists of ten papers of 100 marks each, Out of ten there shall be seven theoretical and three practical papers.
Paper 1       Education and Society
                  (Value Education, Human Rights, Environmental Education,                   Population Education)

Paper 2         Education Mesurement & Education Evaluation

Paper 3         Education Psychology, Personality & Creativve Skill Development

Paper 4         Application of Computer in Education and Development of                     Communication Skill

Paper 5         Women Education

Paper 6         School Organization Administration and Supervision

Paper 7         Select any one of the Following:
                          1. Teaching in Social Studies :

                          2.Teaching of Physical Sciences
                          3.Teaching of Primary Education
                          4.Teaching of Sanskrit
                          5.Teaching in Mathematics
                          4.Teaching in English                       
                          5.Teaching of Commerce
                          6.Teaching of Home Science
                          7.Teaching of Life (Biological) Sciences
                          8.Teaching of Modern Indian Language Hindi/Urdu                       
Paper 8        Practice Teaching Performance in extra-curricular activities

Paper 9        Craft Work and Extra Mural Activities

                      (A). Craft Work
                          (i) External Examination      (ii)  External Assessment
                      (B). Extra Mural Activities (Internal)
                          (i)  Physical Activities
                          (ii) Education Survey of a Village or Mohalla/Community outreach                                programme with reference to various problems arising out or                                populations standard of living etc.                       
                      (C). Cultural Activities
Paper 10       Sessional work on each of the two practical teaching subjects.

                          (i)  Record of Participation in Criticism lesson (internal)                    
                          (ii) Records of practice lessons and accounts of teaching aids.
                          (iii) Viva-voce particularly on the contents of related
                                School subjects(External) 
Nalanda Teacher's Trainign College
BiharSharif (Nalanda) Bihar - 803101
Phone No :- 06112-230701, 9334835065, 9934057449
Email :-



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