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  1. Dr. Sanjay Singh (born 25 September 1951) is a politician from the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. He was twice elected to the Legislative Assembly of Uttar Pradesh during the 1980s and held state ministerial posts. In 1990, he became a member of the upper house of the Parliament of India, which is known as the Rajya Sabha, and in 1998 he was elected to the lower house, called the Lok Sabha. His term in the 12th Lok Sabha session lasted until the following year. Subsequently, in 2009, he was successful in obtaining a second term in that house as a member of the 15th Lok Sabha representing the Sultanpur constituency of Uttar Pradesh.

    Singh has held various ministerial portfolios and committee positions over the years, including as Union Minister for Communications in 1991.

    Sanjay Singh was born on 25 September 1951 in the city of Amethi, which was at that time in Sultanpur district. Born into the family that had once ruled Amethi, the New York Times described him in 1988 as a "wealthy, aristocratic and flamboyant politician".

    A part of his education was at the city's Ranvir Rananjay Post-Graduate College and he gained both an MA in Hindi and a PhD.

    Aside from his involvement in politics, he has listed his professions as being an agriculturalist, pilot and a social worker. He holds the rank of Major (retired) in the Indian Territorial Army and also has a private pilot's license.

    He married in April 1995 and has one son and three daughters. His wife is Amita Singh, the widow of Syed Modi. He had been married previously.
    Political career

    Singh had lent support to Sanjay Gandhi when that member of the Nehru-Gandhi family had chosen to contest the Amethi constituency in the elections of 1980. The Amethi area has strong links to the Nehru-Gandhi family and at that time the neighbouring constituency of Rae Bareli was held by Sanjay's mother, Indira Gandhi. He subsequently became a friend of Rajiv Gandhi, who succeeded Sanjay as the representative for Amethi.

    His association with the Gandhi family "shot [him] into political limelight", according to The Times of India. However, Singh left the Gandhi-led Indian National Congress (INC) party in 1988 and joined Janata Dal, which was led by a relative of his first wife. Despite a general mood favouring Janata Dal, Singh's attempt to oust Rajiv Gandhi in the Indian general election, 1989 did not reflect it and he was heavily defeated by the incumbent. He later changed his allegiance to that of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and in the 1998 Lok Sabha elections he won the Amethi constituency seat. After the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, a colleague of Gandhi in the INC, Satish Sharma, had become the Amethi representative but he neglected his constituents and caused them to flock to Singh. Although Singh stood again as the BJP candidate in the elections of 1999, on that occasion he was faced with a challenge from the widow of Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia, who played heavily on her family's contributions to the area. Singh lost.

    He rejoined the INC in 2003, choosing to announce his move on the birth anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi. He gained a second term as a member of the lower house of the Parliament of India in the elections of 2009. Since that time, he has represented the Sultanpur constituency as a member of the INC.

    In January 2014 he filed his nomination papers to contest Rajya Sabha elections from Assam. Various organizations in Assam has strongly protested against his nomination on the ground of being an outsider to the state.

    The Lok Sabha profile shows that he has held the following positions:

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