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Funtasia Water Park is the first Water park in Patna, the capital city of Bihar.

Funtasia Water Park is the first Water park in Patna, the capital city of Bihar.

Funtasia Water Park  is the first Water park in Patna, the capital city of Bihar.
Created and promoted by Takshila Seas & Resorts Pvt. Ltd., Funtasiaisland is an excellent water paradise which is appealing to people to all age groups. Spread over approx.5 acres on Sampatchak- Parsa road. It is just 9km away from Patna station.

Considering the present location of the Park being in the heart of the main commercial & business centre of Bihar, the management’s Endeavour will provide the world class service to the customer at a affordable expanses. Funtasialand will definitely an ultimate destination and source of entertainment for all age groups.
Often when you plan to go for a holiday, you want to visit a place which completely relaxes your body and soul so that you get a break from the daily monotonous routine and rejuvenate yourself completely to start afresh. Keeping in mind this feeling of yours, Takshila Seas & Resorts Pvt. Ltd. Invites you to the Funtasiaisland waterpark of Patna where you are offered complete relaxation.
The main objective is to provide you an experience of the past along with the comforts of the present. It is a rare combination of Modern Technology and traditionalist making it a kind of place for exhilarating thrills and funs. It has different types of rides for all childrens as well as adults, not only this but it also consists of wave pool, swimming pool, restaurant, coffee shop, Souviner’s Shop, Banquet hall.
Being first water park in bihar ,expected to attract lot of people from all class of life. Main attraction will be More high-speed slides, children fun items, etc. For adults, Spray guns, small slides, Elephant houses, etc.For children, specially imported from China.

This is a dream come true by the efforts of its promoters and onsite employees .

Water Rides
Funtasia waterpark is spread in area of It is an amusement park that features water play areas, such as water slides, kids water pool and other recreational bathing, swimming, and barefooting environments. It is equipped with different type of artificial surfing and bodyboarding environment such as a wave pool and FlowRider. We have come up with 9 unique water rides, specially imported from China.

Swimming Pool
We have separate swimming pool for adult. It is very well designed with modern architect which contains water-based recreational and adventurous rides. People will definitely appreciate and enjoy the swimming experience over here.

Wave Pool
The Wave Pool at Funtasiaisland guarantees the maximum number of users and fun for families. Ittxtboxs always high tide here. It is spread in a large area approx 1690-1800 and it gives feel like a shore-line where artificial waves break. Pneumatic system uses high power centrifugal fans to push high air volumes. Visit here for Heaving waves, Heaps of Happy moments.

Water Slides
A wave pool is a swimming pool in which there are artificially generated, reasonably large waves, similar to the oceantxtboxs. Wave pools are often a major feature of Funtasiaisland Water Park.A feast of thrill and excitement for Young & adults.

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