Monday, 3 November 2014



 The constitution of India grants every child of Indian citizenship the Right to Free and compulsory Education of the age group of 6 – 14 years. This act came into force on April 1, 2010. According to the constitution of India every child shall be provided minimum 8 years of Education free of cost. This act enables every child to get free and ensured education in the state run schools. Private scho...ols also have to provide 25% seats to the students of the poorer section of the society. No child shall be denied his/her right to education due to want of documents, even if the admission cycle in the schools is over. No child shall be required to sit for any type of admission test. All the children availing this right shall be treated at par with other students irrespective of the school or institution they study in. This act shall enable the children avail free and compulsory education and grow with the fast paced world. With the education and development of the children of India the country will also progress for the children will be able to understand their rights and duties towards the nation and can also avail various kinds of vocational education for further employment purposes.



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