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Samudai Adharit Samanvit Van Prabandhan Evam Sanrakshan Yojana of Bihar State

Samudai Adharit Samanvit Van Prabandhan Evam Sanrakshan Yojana of Bihar State

A Planning Commission, Government of India sponsored project titled “Samudai Adharit Samanvit Van Prabandhan Evam Sanrakshan Yojana of Bihar State” (Bihar Project) is being implemented by ICFRE. The 1st phase of the project involves implementation of agroforestry component in Vaishali district, North Bihar and RDF through JFM component in Banka and Jamui Division of South Bihar. The duration of 1st phase of the project is from 2005-06 to 2006-07. The outlay for ICFRE component is Rs. 18.94 crore out of the total outlay of Rs. 51.00 crore for implementation of the 1st phase. ICFRE has taken up project programme related to agrogorestry with help and support of SFD, Bihar and implemented it on farmer’s fields in North Bihar by providing technical knowledge, quality planting stock, training and extension, establishment of hi-tech nursery, kisan nursery and demonstration trials. In JFM linked RDF programme in Banka and Jamui Divisions, ICFRE is helping in establishing hi-tech nursery cum demonstration centre, providing training support and helping in conducting study tours.

    Socio-economic Survey
    Impact Assessment
    Selection of Suitable Plant Species and their Propagation
    Raising Quality Planting Stock through Establishment of Model Nurseries and Kisan Nursery
    Planting Trees an Farmlands
    Establishment of Field Demonstration
    Trainings, Extension and NGO Involvement
    Establishment of Orchards, Hedge Garden
    Identification of VAM fungi and Inoculation
    Develop Extension Material/Packages Field Manuals in Vernacular Language
    Establishment of Center and Appointment of staff
    Engagement of Consultants for Agroforestry, Joint Forest Management, Planting Stock Improvement, Socio-economic Studies
    National Seminar/ Workshop and Study Tours
    Monitoring and Evaluation, Documentation and Data Base
    Utilization of Agroforestry/Forestry Produce

Mukhyamantri Setu Nirman Yojna

MMSNY has been launched by Govt. of Bihar in 2006 with the objectives of -

Providing bridges to cover-up the un-bridged gaps in the entire state on any road.
Replacement of damaged timber and masonry bridges with RCC bridges.
Replacement of narrow (single lane) bridges with double lane RCC bridges.
Providing additional waterways on roads affected by flood.

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The objective of this Scheme is to provide financial assistance to the family of the girl child at the time of her marriage, encourage registration of marriage and her education and to stop child marriage.

Benefits and Eligibility
Under this Scheme girls belonging to below poverty line (BPL) families and those families whose income is below Rs. 60,000 per annum are provided Rs. 5000 at the time of marriage. The one-time cash transfer scheme supports the marriage of women at the right age. The Scheme also aims to prevent the practice of dowry.

How to Access
The beneficiary should apply to the Block Development Officer for availing the benefits of the Scheme. The following supporting documents are required: age certificate; certificate/ proof of residence; marriage registration certificate; and letter stating an oath to not take dowry.

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Click here to Download Application Form(Size: 377.93 KB)

Mukhyamantri Balika Cycle Yojana

It is said that if you are educating a girl, you are educating a family, so any society can’t progress until women are educated. Educated girls are the foundation of a successful society. But in Bihar, as the concreteness of high schools are not appropriate, especially in rural and middle-rural areas. The girls generally use to drop school due to long distances and difficulty in conveyance. In a way to help them to reach the school, in 2006, Mukhyamantri Balika Cycle Yojna was initiated. In this scheme, the girls of Std. IX are provided cash to buy a bicycle. Earlier the amount was Rs. 1600 but, from this year the amount has been increased to Rs. 2500.

As in adolescent age of girls, parents are very conservative and orthodox and do not feel safe in sending girls to school alone. But, the cycle scheme has changed their mentality as after getting bicycle, girls are not supposed alone and parents are very hopeful about their future. The scheme also tries to make parents greedy about their girl’s improvement and change the mentality to overcome gender inequality in Bihar.

Mukhyamantri Balika Poshak Yojana

In a state like Bihar where most of the population lies below average standard, generally parents hesitate to send their daughter to school due to fear of expenditure in copies, bags, uniforms and other such materials even though, there is no tuition at all. In a society where girls are still thought as a liability, a motivational step was needed to bring them to school.

In a way towards bringing girls to school, Mukhyamantri Balika Poshak Yojna was initiated in 2006. Under this scheme, girl students of Std. III-VIII are provided financial support to purchase uniform and supplementary study materials or stationary items necessary for their studies. Initially, the scheme was only for girls of Std. VI-VIII and after its successful impact, in 2009 the scheme was extended for students of Std. III-V.

In this scheme, the girl students of Std. III-V are provided Rs. 500 per year to buy two pairs of uniform and stationary items required for their study. For students of Std. VI-VIII, the amount is Rs.700 per year for the same purpose.

The thought behind the scheme is to encourage parents who don’t dare to send their daughters to school due to fear of expenditure. This scheme is like a catalyst to send girls to school. With its successful result, the government is trying to extend the scheme for girls of Std. IX-XII.



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