Sunday, 8 March 2015

Shameless Betrayals By Rashmi Singh

The renowned author of Bihar, Rashmi Singh again gives a new creation to the world of Literature and Publishing.

Rashmi Singh the talented author from Patna has once again made her home town proud.  Her recent novel Shameless Betrayals was released in New Delhi World Book Fair, 2015 at 4:30p.m. at Conversations (Author’s Corner) by Lifi Publications. Revolving around Women Power this is her sixth book and fourth fiction. An alumnus of Notre Dame Patna, Loreto Convent Ranchi and PWC(Avila Convent)Patna, Rashmi Singh is a Literary Genius who is  constantly  making her state Bihar proud. Shortlisted and selected by National Book Trust of India, Singh spoke about her Literary Journey in the same World Book Fair 2015 at Reflections (Author’s Corner).

"A bold & beautiful story that revolves around women power.Kudos to the author Rashmi Singh who has portrayed the characters very well, you can't put down once you start reading. She has penned down the portrays of women,dominated by the male chauvinists & badly hurt but her characters Mitali & Madhu had the strength to stand against the odds of life instead of recoiling in their shells, they fought back & carved a niche for themselves & gained fame, money & power in the world of journalism. One of the strong character is Mitali who proved that a woman can simultaneously lead a life of beauty & beast, she took revenge with her ex-lover who was a spoilt brat & saw women as a sex object who made her life hell till she lived. Another character Priyatama Gopal Seth is a strong contender of this novel who rescues Mitali & gives his name & fame to survive. Another bold character Madhu who was ridiculed by their cousins & married to an old man but she manages to runs out of the mess. Mitali comes as a savior in the life of Madhu & helps her to take her position in the life of Priyatama. Madhu is a dynamic self & knows to tackle men who tries to allure her & betray the spoilt men of society. The author has portrayed it very boldly but it is a thought provoking & interesting. Book a copy & enjoy the story, you will love !!!"

Both the Book Launch and her revelations about her journey in the field of Publishing can be watched on you tube.

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