Sunday, 23 October 2016

What is the Use of USB Port in Tata Sky, Airtel, Videocon and Other DTH Set Top Box ?

Dish TV provides USB port on its True HD+ set top box so that users can record TV programs on USB drives attached to the port. Dish TV provides this USB port because Dish TV set top box doesn't contain any internal hard disk to store data.
Other DTH services such as Tata SkyAirtel and Videocon also provide USB ports on their HD/HD+ set top boxes but it doesn't allow you to record programs or view content stored on your USB drive. If you insert your USB drive into this USB port, nothing will happen. So the question comes why do they provide USB port if its not functional?

The answer is, Tata Sky and other DTH services have blocked the functionality of this USB port available on their set top boxes via its firmware. Currently this USB port is used by their engineers to reinstall STB software in case its not working properly. If the companies want, they can make the USB port functional via a firmware upgrade in future and then you'll be able to use it to store programs or to attach your USB drive to view its contents.
At the moment the only use of this USB port is to charge your USB devices such as mobile phones, portable FMs, etc. You can attach your mobile phone to the USB port of your DTH set top box using a USB cable and it'll start charging your mobile phone.



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