Saturday, 10 June 2017

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'Healing Stickers': Where's The Science Behind These Health Claims

Maybe you thought stickers were just things that were sticky and stuck to you. But check out some of the health claims made by the company ...
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Senate GOP vows to keep plugging away at health care — behind ...

Now that President Donald Trump appears to have embraced the idea of governing as America's first president with less than half of the public ...
Senate Health Bill May Alienate GOP Conservatives
Opinion-New York Times-07-Jun-2017
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Cuts in federal housing help would hurt people's health, research ...

Cuts in federal housing help would hurt people's health, research ... people's likelihood of having health insurance and access to regular care.
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Runners, walkers raise $200K for mental health program at ...

More than 1,200 runners and walkers raised $200,000 on Saturday for the women's mental health program at Women's College Hospital.

Senate GOP Plans to Strip Planned Parenthood Funding in Health Bill

Wall Street Journal (subscription)-6 hours ago
WASHINGTON—Senate Republicans plan to strip federal funding from Planned Parenthood Federation of America and add several other ...
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Don't go to 'Morning Joe' for mental health evaluations about Trump ...

In the continued absence of any strong evidence that President Trump goes to sleep each night next to Russian President Vladimir Putin, ...
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How new health cover regulations affect you

Regulations concerning your choice of health insurance products, the benefits they offer, and the consumer-protection measures to which they ...
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Don't kill choice in health care

Let's talk about the facts and reality of a single-payer health care system. The cost of such a system would literally double the state budget.
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'No one escapes the need for health care during their lifetime'

I read with great interest the June 4 Iowa View by John Forsyth, chairman and CEO of Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield, on what it will take ...
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Task force tells Congress health IT security is in critical condition

A congressionally mandated healthcare industry task force has published the findings of its investigation into the state of health information ...



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