Tuesday, 22 August 2017

WhatsApp announces new colour text based status update, will be available for desktop too

WhatsApp announces new colour text based status update, will be available for desktop too. (IE)
After testing the feature in beta version, WhatsApp has finally announced the colour text-based status updates for its users. The new feature works in the same way as on Facebook, where users can add a coloured background while uploading a text based status update. WhatsApp claims that it has 250 million plus users who are using the status feature globally. The new update of WhatsApp will be rolled out to both Android and iOS users. Also, the feature will be available for the desktop version of WhatsApp.
As per WhatsApp, the feature will let people update to their contacts in a more fun, personal way. Similar to Facebook, the users will have the ability to pick a specific font and background colour when uploading their status. WhatsApp text-based update will also allow the users to include a link in the status. The Status updates are now part of the web client as well, though you can’t upload a status update from the desktop.
Meanwhile, the Facebook-owned WhatsApp has become one of the prime targets these days for spreading fake news. However, the popular messaging app has said that it is exploring ways to check the spread of fake news through its platform. From videos circulating during Muzaffarnagar riots to GPS enabled currency after demonetisation, Indians have witnessed various forms of fake news on the WhatsApp platform.
WhatsApp has said that it is searching for various ways in which the product can be tweaked to minimise fake news. But curbing something on WhatsApp is a complex mechanism. This is due to the fact the messages on the app are end-to-end encrypted. This means that any message that you send on your device is known to you and the receiver only, not even WhatsApp has any idea, reportedly.



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