Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Contact Details of Bhagalpur Administration

District Control Room:- 0641-2421555
Rajesh Kumar Commissioner Off Tel- +91-641-2401001
Res Tel- +91-641-2401201
District Administration
Adesh T. District Magistrate Off Tel- +91-641-2402200
Res Tel- +91-641-2402300
Fax- +91-641-2402400
Hari Shankar Prasad ADM Off Tel- +91-641-2400891
Mob- +91-9473191382
Jitendra Prasad Sah DLAO Mob- +91-9162215435
Devendra kumar Dard DSO Mob- +91-9934999825
Rajesh Kumar District Transport Officer (DTO) Mob- +91-9661797626
Dr. Vijay Kumar Civil Surgeon Bhagalpur Mob- +91-9470003118
Awdesh Kumar Deputy Election officer, Bhagalpur Mob- +91-8544429881
Chandan Kumar District Provident Fund Officer-cum- Officer Special Duty, Bhagalpur Mob- +91-9835491769
Md. Ibrar Alam Senior Deputy Collector, Establishment Cell Mob- +91-9431431860
Apurv Kumar Madhukar District Panchayat Raj Officer Mob: +91-8986905056
Dipu Kumar Senior Deputy Collector, General Section Mob- +91-8083582966
Jitendra Prasad Sah Senior Deputy Collector, Najarat Section Mob- +91-9162215435
Md. Ibrar Alam Senior Deputy Collector(Legal Section) Mob- +91-9431431860
Chandra Mohan Mishra District Education Officer Mob- +91-9431416068
Apurv Kumar Madhukar District Welfare Officer Mob- +91-9334120100
Dudhnath Ram District Planning Officer Mob- +91-9431692627
Bindusar Mandal District Public Relation Officer Mob- +91-9430279088
Upendra Kumar Deputy Commissioner Commercial Tax Bhagalpur Circle Mob- +91-9470001717
Vijay Shekhar Dubey Excise Superintendent Bhagalpur Mob- +91-9473400621
Anand Mohan Das LDM Mob- +91-9007791498
Manish Kumar Treasury Officer Bhagalpur Mob- +91-9473191386
Amrendra Pandey Treasury Officer Naugachia Mob- +91-9430218559
Subhash Kumar District Co-operative Officer Mob- +91-9835042892
Arvind Kumar Jha District Agriculture Officer Mob- +91-9431818748
Police Administration
Sushil M. Khopde I.G Off- +91-641-2400101
Vikas Vaibhav D.I.G Off- +91-641-2400202
Manoj Kumar S.S.P Off- +91-641-2400103
Res- +91-641-2401003
Mob- +91-9431800003
Pankaj Kumar Sinha S.P Navgachhiya Off- +91-6421-223343
Res- +91-6421-223285
Mob- +91-9431800005
Anand Sharma DDC Off- +91-641-2303284
Res- +91-641-2401101
Mob- +91-9431818374
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Director DRDA Mob- +91-9431818431
Subdivisonal Office
Suharsha Bhagat SDO Sadar Bhagalpur Off- +91-641-2400013
Res- +91-641-2401203
Mob- +91-9473191383
Arunav Chandra Varma SDO Kahalgaon Off- +91-6429-222204
Res- +91-6429-2222205
Mob- +91-9473191384
Mukesh Kumar SDO Naugachiya Off- +91-6421-223103
Res- +91-6421-223110
Mob- +91-9473191385
Sanjay Kumar Sinha DCLR Sadar Bhagalpur Mob- +91-8544412312
Surendra Kumar Alvela DCLR Naugachiya Mob- +91-8544412314
Office- +91-641-222007
Ravi Prasad Chouhan DCLR Kahalgaon Mob- +91-9470768687
Block Development Office
Chaya Kumari BDO, Bihpur Mob- +91-9431818284
Ratna Srivastav BDO, Gopalpur Mob- +91-9431818286
Renu Rani Gupta BDO, Goradih Mob- +91-9431818597
Shweta Kumari BDO, Ismailpur Mob- +91-9431818598
Chandra Bhushan Gupta BDO, Jagdishpur Mob- +91-9431818283
Rajjan Lal Nigam BDO, Kahalgaon Mob- +91-9431818279
Santosh Kumar Mishra BDO, Kharik Mob- +91-9431818282
Satyendra BDO, Narayanpur Mob- +91-9431818596
Upendra Das BDO, Nathnagar Mob- +91-9431818281
Rajiv Kumar Ranjan BDO, Naugachia Mob- +91-9431818285
Rakesh Gupta BDO, Pirpainti Mob- +91-9431818278
Rakesh Kumar Thakur BDO, Rangrachowk Mob- +91-9431818593
Raghunandan Anand BDO, Sabour Mob- +91-9431818280
Amresh Kumar BDO, Shahkund Mob- +91-9431818595
Vishal Anand BDO, Sultanganj Mob- +91-9431818594/9431000265
Jaywardhan Gupta BDO, Sanhaula Mob- +91-9431818599/ 7599233794
Circle Office
Pravin Kumar CO, Bihpur Mob- +91-8544412472/9934256939
Anil Kumar CO, Gopalpur Mob- +91-8544412473
Satya Narayan Paswan CO, Goradih Mob- +91-8544412463/9431281599
Binod Kumar Gupta CO, Ismailpur Mob- +91-8544412474/9939757577
Sushil Kumar CO, Nathnagar Mob- +91-8544412465
Uday Kumar Yadav CO, Naugachhiya Mob- +91-8544412477
Manish Kumar CO, Rangrachowk Mob- +91-8544412478
Nilesh Kumar Chourashia CO, Kharik Mob- +91-8544412475
Radha Mohan Singh CO, KAHALGAON Mob- +91-8544412469
Malti Kumari CO, SABOUR Mob- +91-8544412466
Indrani Kumari CO, SHAHKUND Mob- +91-8544412467
Sreedhar Pandey CO, SULTANGANJ Mob- +91-8544412468
Chandra Bhanu Kumar CO, SANHAULA Mob- +91-8544412471/8083017409
Niranjan Kumar CO, JAGDISHPUR Mob- +91-8544412464
Binod Kumar CO,NARAYANPUR Mob- +91-8544412476
Nirmal Kumar Roy CO,PIRPAINTI Mob- +91-8544412470/9431526000



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