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Places of Religious Interest in Araria

Places of Religious Interest in Araria

It is notable fact that Araria isn’t a holy city but its culture and values project religious harmony. The district headquarters and its nearby places accommodate many mosques, temples and the worship of other major religions. Araria city is one of the prominent centers of Tablighi Jamaat in the region. Some of the notable places of religious places are as follows:-
  • Khalilabad mosque in Araria
  • Kali Mandir or temple
  • Temple of Lord Shiva named Thakurbari Shiva Mandir
  • Araria-Madanpur Shiva Mandir
  • Sultan Phokher in Forbesganj
  • Maata Aasawar Mandir in Gidwas
  • Shiva Mandir in Sundernath
  • Masjid Diyaganj

Places of Interest In and Around Araria

Araria definitely leaves good scope for them to explore places which can be of interest to them. Uniqueness of this place is that one develops mesmerized feeling while touring to this location with mere few kilometers of drive bringing to the country’s end point. As Indians have easy access to Nepal it is a perfect gateway to enter into some of the best locations in neighboring country from Araria region. Araria district has several historic places which are worth exploring as a tourist.

Tourist Places near Araria
Forbesganj near Araria

Forbesganj: It has emerged into one of the major trade centers of Araria. One of the three major urban establishments of Araria district, Forbesganj also serves as an assembly constituency in the district. This place is famous for some of the historic monuments especially the famous Mr. Forbe's Bungalow that remind of this region being controlled by the British from here. The region has taken shape of an urban locality where good grains business has flourished. It is well connected to rest parts of the state and country by road and railways. Train and bus services between Forbesganj and Araria connect to these prominent cities in the region. One can travel for few hours to reach there.

Palasi: It offers complete rustic impression to visitors. As a notified area in Araria district, Palasi also serves as one of its blocks located at a distance of 28 km northeastern side from the district headquarters Araria city. It is completely rural region where the source of income is only from agriculture. Koshi and Bakra rivers pass through Palasi region which is best to explore for those willing to encounter rural lifestyle.The roads leading towards Palasi from district headquarters Araria connect it with the administrative headquarters. Intercity local buses operate on this route.

Jokihat: It is developing into one of the few semi-urban establishments in Araria. It is one of the assembly constituencies of Araria district. The road from Zero Mile in District headquarters Araria leading towards neighboring Kishanganj district connect to Jokihat in the midst. It is best connected by the roadways.

Sikti: It is one of the areas in Araria district of Bihar in its semi-urban stage. It is district’s one of the assembly constituencies. Roads from district headquarters Araria connect to Sikti. Local buses operate on the roadways.

Dainiya: This is one of the destinations in Kosi Zone of neighboring country, Nepal. Located in the Morang district of southeastern Nepal, Dainiya is known for its greeneries. Ancient temples are also located here. Travellers travel up to Jogbani Railway Station or they can even choose roadways to enter into Nepal to avail the local bus service in neighboring Nepal to reach Dainiya which can be reached in mere few hours.

Raniganj: Though a small place and assembly constituency Raniganj is mainly a semi-urban establishment where people are primarily involved in the agriculture related activities. Those willing to travel to Raniganj can take local bus service taking them from district headquarters.

Jogbani: It lies on Indo-Nepal border and is visited by numerous tourists every year. The city of Jogbani is famous tourist center cum trade destination in the region. India’s last railway station at the end point bordering Nepal is at Jogbani. This town and notified area under the administration of Araria district is one of the few urban establishments in the region. It is also strategically important for the country related to security issues. Its sister city across the border is Biratnagar in Nepal that can be reached easily by walking for mere few minutes. As a gateway to the Biratnagar city of Nepal, this city under Araria’s administration also houses India’s customs checkpoint for goods at the border where Indian and Nepalese nationals can cross without any restrictions. People from various nationalities are commonly seen here. Those travelling to Jogbani from Araria have railways and roadways service to use for this purpose. It takes few hours to reach there.
Araria tourist places

Hotels in Araria

One has many staying options in and around Araria district headquarters. Staying options are in the cities of Araria, Forbesganj, Jogbani and of course in the neighboring country Nepal’s Biratnagar city as well. The hotels are of various categories hence they make good choice for affordable stys. Listed below are some of the famous hotels where one stay in and around Araria. 

Hotel Jyoti
Address: Ram Manohar Lohia Path, Forbesganj, Hospital Road, Araria (Bihar) – 854318
Phone No: +(91)-9931234982, 8800908789

Hotel Evergreen
Address: Haat Road, Near Jama Masjid, Araria (Bihar) – 854311
Phone No: +(91)-6453-224811, +(91)-9570386323

Hotel Panar
Address: Nasim Market, Bus Stand, Araria (Bihar) – 854318
Phone No: Not Available

Hotel President
Address: Dazy Complex, Araria (Bihar) – 854318
Phone No: Not Available

Hotel Panchali Pvt. Ltd.
Address: Behind Bus Park, Panchali, Biratnagar 56613 (Nepal)
Phone No: Not Available

Hotel Namaskar
Address: Traffic Chowk, Biratnagar, Nepal
Phone No: Not Available



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