Sunday, 26 November 2017

Shahid Ramanand Ram Govind Singh Park Punpun Patna

Shahid Ramanand Ram Govind Singh Park Punpun Patna is situated near Punpun Ghat Halt.

Punpun is a satellite town in Patna Metropolitan Region in Patna district in the Indian state of Bihar. It is located 12 km south of Patna. The name Punpun comes from the river Punpun, a tributary of river Ganges, on whose bank the village has flourished.

According to new master plan of Patna (PMR) the new airport for the city of Patna will be in Punpun.
Mata Seeta has spent some time near Punpun village at the bank of Punpun river. For Pind-dan Gaya and Punpun are the most important/ auspicious place in Hindu Dharma. Every year from Nepal and all over India Hindus come here to do pind-dan. It is saying that first pind-dan is done in Punpun after than Gaya.

Punpun is only 12 km from Patna, and better connectivity of Train and Road so it develop the education hub in future. AIIMS And IIT are located 15 km in range. In Punpun a S.M.D. College and Subodh Kumar mahila College provide Post Graduate Level Education. 10+2 level government School for boy and girl give better education in that reason. There are a lot of primary government and private school improve the education quality.

Punpun is on its way to be developed into a business hub, as many small companies have started to invest in the area. In Micro-level there are so many self-employment co-operative society are running and provide job, for example Alawalpur(Punpun) village will start self co-operative milk union for promote true dairy product in Patna. In this Dairy guided by educated youth of Alwalpur for better utilization of resource and promote job inside the village.

There are many play grounds in punpun. Cricket is very popular game in punpun. High School Ground, Gandhi Maidan, and S.M.D. College ground are the famous play ground in punpun.



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