Crack IITJEE 2021: With the help of these 7 easy tips, you can get more than 200 marks in JEE Mains exam

Every year lakhs of students take the IIT-JEE exam to get admission in the best IIT colleges of the country. Out of which only this dream of few students is fulfilled. There are many problems with candidates who do not pass. Some students are unable to cover syllabus, while some do not get the right guidance. Let me tell you that IIT-JEE examination takes place in two stages. The first stage can be done in JEE, in which only the candidates who pass it take the second stage ie JEE Advanced.

JEE Mains exam is of total 300 marks, for which you have 3 hours. In this blog, we will give you perfect tips for the best preparation for JEE Mains. With the help of which you can easily get more than 200 marks in the Mains exam. Also you will tell what to keep in mind to clear the Mains exam.

1.Cover syllabus well

To pass any exam, it is most important to understand the complete syllabus. For JEE Mains exam, you must know the latest syllabus, along with it, it is necessary to cover the entire syllabus.



• Complex numbers and quadratic equations

• Matrix and Determinants

• Set, relation, and function

• Mathematical induction

• Permutation and accumulation

• Mathematical Reasoning

• Limit, Continuity and Differentiation • Integral Calculus

• 3D geometry

• Differential equations

• Binomial theorem and its simple application

• sequence and series

• vector algebra

• Statistics and Probability

• Trigonometry

• coordinate geometry etc.


• electronic equipment

.Kinetic theory of gases

• current electricity

• Communication Systems

• electromagnetic induction and alternating currents

• Magnetic effects of electric current and magnetism

• rotational motion

• thermodynamics

• kinematics

• Work, energy and power

• Solid and liquid properties

• gravity

• rules of speed • optics

• electromagnetic waves

• atoms and nuclei

• electrostatics

• Dual nature of matter and radiation etc.


• Physical Chemistry

• Some basic concepts in chemistry

States of Matter

• atomic structure

• equilibrium

• Surface Chemistry

• Chemical Kinetics and Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry

• Organic Chemistry

• Purification and Characterization of Organic Compounds

• Hydrocarbons etc.


For students to score well in the Mains exam, it is necessary that they start the preparation with the right planning. For this, you have to prepare a routine. In which the time has to be set for the section. Keep in mind that at the time of preparation, you can solve as many numerical questions as possible. Explain that now in this exam, there will be numerical questions with optional questions.


Explain that the questions asked in JEE exam are very tough, so you have to practice more and more. You should solve 70-80 questions daily. With more practice on numerical questions, you will also be able to command your speeder.


The best tool for practice is to solve old paper. You have to collect the question papers of the last few years and solve them daily by the rule. This will give you an idea of ​​the correct exam pattern and level of questions. Also you will know how ready you are for the exam


When you are preparing for Mains exam then you should keep making notes of the things you have read everyday. This will give you all the topics in one place before the exam. Start revising 1 month before the exam, it will help you in revising the notes. By preparing notes by yourself, you will improve your preparedness.Selection of study material.


To get good marks in the exam, you have to select the best study material. Most of the students spend entire time reading various types of books and notes. You should take the help of reference book for Mains exam. In the reference book you also get shortcut tricks along with sample papers of the entire syllabus.


Often students get nerves seeing high competition in IIT-JEE exam,leaves everything else to prepare for the exam .but, let us know that trhis phases is of smart study. Along with studies , you have to take care of health as well. give the mind some rest throughout the day.

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