Which is the best IIT for computer science amoung all of 16 iit ?

is the best IIT amoung all of 16 IIT . It’s hold most of the prestigious position amoung all

IIT Bombay also has a very strong computer science program. The folklore around this college with respect to computer science is legendary. The faculty in this college is close to being the best you can find. The peer group is exceptionally high, as it is one of the first preference for most of the computer geeks.

As the world is going online . So , now there is too much demand of computer science (CS) . Many big companies like GOOGLE , FACEBOOK , AMAZON , WIPRO , DELOITTE ,CGI , INFOSYS , TCS etc. Due to visiting of top class companies in these IIT their placemeant is also high for this branch .


Apart from this, they are a regular feature at ACM ICPCs and a lot of students go to GSoC program, working on some very interesting projects. Also, IIT B is one of the largest exponents of the start up tech work force in India.


1. Extra chutney with samosas and extra papad after golgappe is not obtained by IIT degree.

2. The mere degree of IIT does not entitle anyone to consider non-iitian as a joke.

3. IIT degree does not provide Tehzeeb. You are superior only if you are able to handle your values ​​before and after the degree.

4. The degree of IIT does not give you restless sleep. Adding a page of patience and comfort to the book of life is more important than the degree of IIT.

5. No IIT degree can get you Aishwarya Rai. He has to become Abhishek Bachchan. (The rest are smart)

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